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One of the main reasons why so many snowboarders come back to the mountains year after year is a consuming passion for the off-piste. There is nothing else like it!

Off-Piste Back Country Guiding
Go out into the mountains with a fully qualified guide and allow them to discover the best snow fresh tracks and keep you safe. A truly awesome experience!

Many of the above courses are run in conjunction with Hat Adventures please check out their website or contact us for course dates and further information.

Heli boarding can be arranged with our partners Val heli ski.

Back Country/Off-Piste
Of course these wonderful experiences do not come without an element of risk. Once we leave the domain of the marked pistes and trails we are no longer being watched over by the ski patrol and it is time to start taking responsibility for ourselves. This does not mean that off piste is always dangerous or extreme, you can have an awesome time on a gentle slope, out in the wilderness and away from the crowds without being in any danger. However the mountain environment is one which must be respected. The most important thing is to be aware of the dangers and how to avoid them!

This is where we can really help you enjoy the experience safely. We have very close links with the leading authorities in Mountain Safety and cover all aspects of training.

Henrys Avalanche Talk
A must see presentation for any one who travels in the mountains, we will look at an introduction to snow and avalanche safety and teach you how to answer the question "whether it is safe or dangerous?" when you're out there in the mountains. An hour and a half of exciting video clips useful information and interactive discussion (off snow). We hold regular talks in the Alps on a weekly basis and private talks can be arranged anywhere in the world.

In-Depth Presentations: Look more closely at a certain aspect of mountain safety and take your knowledge and understanding to the next level!

Pro Snowboarding

Pro Snowboarding

Off Pist with Pro Snowboarding

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